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By Bob's Your Uncle

Following the success of their 1989 release, Tale of Two Legs, Vancouver's Bob's Your Uncle offers Cages, an impressive encore production through the group's collaboration with Darryl Neudorf (54-40, Sarah Mclachlan, Copyright) and John Switzer (Jane Siberry).

With creations like lead vocalist Sook-Yin Lee's "Tip of the Iceberg" on the title, the suggestion that BYU has made the cross-over from alternative to mainstream has been repeated more than once. Maybe it is valid. Maybe it doesn't matter.

Accessibility, yes. Quality, no. The sounds are good. Sometimes, too good to be true.

The obvious question one wants to ask after listening to Lee on "Two Legs" and "Cages" is how many accomplished contemporary singers from the Asian community there are in the category of Lee. But another is how many there are that sing with that familiarity of Judy Garland (Miss You), kd lang (Suburban Caveman), Deborah Harry, Pat Benatar, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and other personalities too difficult to spell.

Save your money on the others. Buy what Lee sings and you won't have to venture elsewhere.

On Cages, the melancholy "Hong Kong Cafe" and the explosive "Crazy Aunt Lily" stand out, but "Tip of the Iceberg" seems to represent the best metaphor for a group, or, at least, lead singer, who should be going places, fast.

Editor's Note: Since the original article was published, Sook-Yin Lee has become a MuchMusic TV VJ in Toronto, Canada.

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